Fight Inflammation With A Vegetarian Diet

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury. Its purpose is to prevent, stop or reduce damage and aid in the healing process. You’ve probably seen inflammation in your own body. Ever bang your knee really hard and it becomes swollen? That’s inflammation. The blood vessels around your knee have expanded to allow more blood, oxygen, protein, antioxidants and nutrients to the area to fight off any bacteria and repair any damage that occurred.

So, in a way, inflammation can be a good thing. However, too much inflammation in our body can be painful and can trigger symptoms such as joint pain (ex: arthritis), abdominal pain (ex: Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and asthma.

You may notice that when you eat certain foods, you have inflammatory responses such as an allergy, stomach cramps, joint pain or headache. Common sense tells us that if certain foods cause inflammation in our bodies, we should avoid them, right? You wouldn’t continue to eat strawberries if you broke out in hives after ingesting them, would you? Not all inflammation is as severe as head to toe hives, but over time, chronic inflammation can have devastating effects on our health.

Some of the most common food-based triggers of inflammation include dairy, meat, eggs, caffeine, and sugar. On the other hand, diets rich in vegetables and fruits help prevent inflammation from kicking in unnecessarily. Shifting towards a more vegetarian or plant-based diet can help reduce inflammation caused by inflammatory foods like meat and dairy.

Plant based foods contain anti-oxidants, nature’s ninjas against inflammation. Atlantic Natural Foods can help you adopt a more vegetarian lifestyle with our convenient and nutritious canned foods that taste delicious! We promise you won’t miss the meat when indulging in any of our vegetarian versions of your favorite foods.

Our Vegetarian Taco Filling rivals any traditional taco night in America! It’s already seasoned to perfection! Just heat and enjoy vegetables, quinoa or a gluten free tortilla wrap. Dairy free cheeses can be sprinkled on top for a more authentic taste.

Chicken parmigiana, chicken sliders and your other favorite chicken dishes can be enjoyed when you replace regular chicken meat with our delicious Chik’n Patty or Chik’n Sliders.

It definitely pays to choose foods that limit inflammation. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help you live a healthy life with less pain. Atlantic Natural Foods and Loma Linda canned vegetarian products make it easy to enjoy great tasting, nutritious, vegetarian or vegan meals.

Living a healthy vegan lifestyle is becoming easier than ever according to Vegan Liftz. But without extra knowledge about this type of diet, your health might be compromised. So it’s always better to get equipped and seek advice from professionals.

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